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IUOE Local 925
PO Box 398
Mango, FL 33550

813-623-1381 Fax

Operators represented by Local 925 conduct their work under any one of several Agreements. Having an Agreement means that your everyday working conditions are set ahead of time and you won't have someone changing the rules on you for no good reason.
Please see the description below to determine which agreement you should be working under. Basic information can be found by clicking on the names of the agreements below.

Equipment Rental Agreement: Most operators working in the crane rental profession are covered by this agreement.

Industrial Agreement: Construction performed in industries such as power plants and chemical plants. Under the Industrial Agreement, maintenance being performed may be paid at a rate determined by either the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA) or the General Presidents' Agreement (GPA).

Commercial Agreement: General commercial jobs are performed under this agreement. Some crane rental companies also perform work under this agreement.

Site Preparation Agreement: This is our entry level agreement covering the operation of heavy equipment when preparing and developing site work.