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IUOE Local 925
PO Box 398
Mango, FL 33550

813-623-1381 Fax

  Thanks to the struggles and hard fought battles of those members who came before us, IUOE Local 925 is able to provide access to fringe benefits for the families of the workers we represent. Full family health coverage, pension retirement, and access to training and certification are just a few of the benefits that members of Local 925 have come to enjoy.  

When you are looking at your paycheck on Friday afternoon, don't forget about the fringe benefits! The IUOE Pipeline Health and Welfare coverage is quality health care. Working families can depend on it.

And then there is retirement. Having a pension retirement means security. Your retirement account is safe from the fluctuations of the stock market. There isn't a 401k plan in the industry that can hold a candle to the IUOE Central Pension Fund. Operators represented by IUOE Local 925 are fortunate to have access to a great retirement plan.

It's all about having a VOICE AT WORK!
Representation is not just for star athletes and Hollywood actors. It's good to be represented!
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Health Care

Pension Retirement

Training and Certification