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Welcome to the official web site of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 925

Any number of good reasons may have brought you to our site today. Some people are looking for training, some are looking for representation and some may be looking at their options after learning a little bit about how unions can benefit them and their families. What almost all visitors have in common though is a love for the trade, a desire to enhance their professionalism and an understanding that dedication and hard work should not go unrewarded.

The subject of union representation and membership is rich in history. While all working Americans have benefitted from the efforts of the Labor Movement, most are unaware of what a difficult task it was in creating the American Middle Class. We will attempt to answer some of the most common questions regarding how unions work and how this union in particular can work for you.

So here is a quick question for you: What do the following things have in common?
  1. The Fair Labor Standards Act
  2. Social Security Insurance
  3. The National Labor Relations Act
  4. Minimum Wage Laws
  5. The forty hour workweek
  6. Overtime pay rates
  7. OSHA safety protections
  8. Employer provided health benefits
  9. Pension retirement plans
  10. An end to child labor
  11. And of course, THE WEEKEND!!

That's right! These advancements were all put into action because of the past and ongoing efforts of the American Labor Movement! And while we go about our daily routine, our lives have been greatly impacted for the better because of these accomplishments.